With FADU, a Union of 500,000 farmers who offer:

FADU Members also Offer the Following Crops:

Shea butter

Palm kernel

Sesame seeds

Cashew nuts

Easier Fulfilment Of Transactions

Fast and Reliable Transactions Processing, as well as a chain-of-custody log that create an immutable record.


Crops.Trade Features Below

Over Half A Million Farmers Buying and Selling Together

- Buy From a co-operative of over half a million farmers selling collectively and ensure reliable supply

- Crops And Their Derived Products bear the ETHICALLY SOURCED Mark showing that they are Ethically Sourced And Part Of A Carbon Reduction Programme

- Fast And Secure Electronic Trading

- Buyers are most welcome to send their representative or an inspection agency to inspect.

- The sale contract would be subject to confirmation of quality by an inspection agency acceptable to both parties, and payment would be subject to confirmation of quality by the agreed inspection agency.

- Shipping can be carried out through major Shippers.

- Help and Support Available To Use this resource

About Crops.Trade

Crops.Exchange is a co-operation between the Farmers Development Union (FADU), and the Technical Partners, Local Merchant Services

The Farmers Development Union (FADU), an NGO, is a Farmers membership organization numbering over half a million members. Since inception in 1989, FADU has created structures and program activities to improve members’ living standards. Those structures involve structures that help FADU members buy together and sell together

Local Merchant Services (LMS), is a leader in the provision of Digital Trade Gateways. LMS Trade Gateways can bring together Buyers, Manufacturers, Sellers, Supply Chain Finance Providers, and other players in relevant Supply chains. LMS provides a range of innovative services, including applications that utilize Digital Trade to help facilitate Supply Chains.